Hello, I’m Veesar. This blog is an attempt to create a zettelkasten-like website with “atomic posts“. The idea is that each article on this site will be a solution for a very specific problem or focus on a distinct & “narrow” topic. Each post should also link to other posts that can expand on the topic or provide related solutions.

The current version of this site is built with WordPress using the default Twenty Twenty-Three theme.

The previous version of this site was built with Hugo, a static site generator that produces extremely lightweight pages. It also let me write content in Markdown, so I could quickly create content for this site from my notes (Markdown notes taken in VSCode with the Foam extension installed).

I migrated this site from Hugo to WordPress mainly for WordPress’s built-in commenting system and to play with WordPress 6.0’s Full Site Editor.

About page last updated on: 13th February 2023.