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  • Proton Unlimited vs Google One

    Proton Mail has recently rebranded itself as Proton and now provides a suite of services (apps) instead of you having to subscribe to their mail and VPN services à la carte. While testing out their apps, this package reminded me of Google One and this post is a comparison of the two in terms of […]

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  • List of detective fiction authors from the early 1900s

    Popular mystery writers from the first half of the twentieth century. Anthony Berkeley Arthur Morrison Austin Freeman Cyril Hare Dorothy L Sayers E. C. Bentley Freeman Wills Crofts G. K. Chesterton John Rhode Michael Innes Ngaio Marsh Philip MacDonald

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  • How cost-effective is the Ather 450X compared to the TVS NTorq

    The Ather 450X is a performance oriented electric scooter while the TVS NTorq is also marketed as a performance scooter. This is a simple comparison of the two purely in terms of cost. Scooter Cost – Ex-showroom Delhi Cost per km* Ather 450X ₹138,006 ₹0.18 TVS NTorq Race XP ₹89,211 ₹2.02 * Assuming petrol cost […]

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  • Zim vs Joplin

    Comparison of note-taking apps for Linux. Zim and Joplin are note-taking apps that are available for Linux. I’ve been using Joplin for a while now to take notes and it works fine. I wanted to try a new notes app for Ubuntu (I’m using Lubuntu Desktop) and found Zim. Some thoughts below on how it […]

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  • Netguard vs Blokada vs NoRoot Firewall – What are the differences?

    Comparison of some ad-blocker apps for Android. NetGuard, Blokada and NoRoot Firewall are three apps to reduce ads and improve privacy on your mobile device. All three give you options to filter your phone’s internet access without rooting it. NetGuard NetGuard shows you the list of URLs each app is trying to access. You can […]

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