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  • Sync Obsidian notes between PC and Android with Syncthing

    Sync your Obsidian notes without relying on any third-party cloud service. And find solutions to common sync issues with Syncthing.

  • The simplest way to block ads on Android

    Block ads system-wide on Android using RethinkDNS. An easy way to block ads throughout your Android device is by using a DNS resolver that supports blocklists. How it works: When you visit any website on your device a DNS resolver looks up the domain name and “converts” it into an IP address to find the […]

  • How to set up ad-blocking on Android

    Set up system-wide ad-blocking on your Android device with Blokada. Firefox on Android supports some add-ons – one of them being the excellent uBlock Origin. uBlock Origin uses hosts lists to provide ad-blocking in Firefox. A hosts-list is essentially a large list of URLs that websites and apps connect to to serve ads or track […]

  • Access your Android device over SSH with Termux

    Set up SSH access to your Android mobile device over LAN using Termux. Termux is an Android app that provides terminal emulation and access to Linux packages. With Termux you can install OpenSSH and set up an SSH server on Android. You can install Termux from F-Droid. After installing: Open the Termux app and update […]

  • Fix OneNote’s Quick Notes sync

    Fix Quick Notes sync across Windows, Android and iOS. One reason for sync issues is because OneNote uses different default locations for the Quick Notes section on different platforms. The default Quick Notes on Windows creates and uses a local notebook which is stored in UserProfile/Documents/OneNote Notebooks. This notebook is not synced to your Microsoft […]

  • Netguard vs Blokada vs NoRoot Firewall – What are the differences?

    Comparison of some ad-blocker apps for Android. NetGuard, Blokada and NoRoot Firewall are three apps to reduce ads and improve privacy on your mobile device. All three give you options to filter your phone’s internet access without rooting it. NetGuard NetGuard shows you the list of URLs each app is trying to access. You can […]