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  • Sync Obsidian notes between PC and Android with Syncthing

    Sync your Obsidian notes without relying on any third-party cloud service. And find solutions to common sync issues with Syncthing.

  • Proton Unlimited vs Google One

    Proton Mail has recently rebranded itself as Proton and now provides a suite of services (apps) instead of you having to subscribe to their mail and VPN services à la carte. While testing out their apps, this package reminded me of Google One and this post is a comparison of the two in terms of…

  • Backup & Sync options for Google Drive Desktop explained

    Configure Google Drive Desktop to backup folders selectively or mirror your entire drive onto your computer. Google Drive for Desktop provides multiple options to sync/backup. The options can help you save space on your computer and backup your photos. Sync selected folders from your computer to Google Drive Open Preferences on Google Drive Desktop Go…