Tag: note-taking

  • Copying and Embedding in Heptabase

    A look at how to embed cards and blocks in Heptabase

  • Sync Obsidian notes between PC and Android with Syncthing

    Sync your Obsidian notes without relying on any third-party cloud service. And find solutions to common sync issues with Syncthing.

  • Fix OneNote’s Quick Notes sync

    Fix Quick Notes sync across Windows, Android and iOS. One reason for sync issues is because OneNote uses different default locations for the Quick Notes section on different platforms. The default Quick Notes on Windows creates and uses a local notebook which is stored in UserProfile/Documents/OneNote Notebooks. This notebook is not synced to your Microsoft…

  • Zim vs Joplin

    Comparison of note-taking apps for Linux. Zim and Joplin are note-taking apps that are available for Linux. I’ve been using Joplin for a while now to take notes and it works fine. I wanted to try a new notes app for Ubuntu (I’m using Lubuntu Desktop) and found Zim. Some thoughts below on how it…