How cost-effective is the Ather 450X compared to the TVS NTorq

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The Ather 450X is a performance oriented electric scooter while the TVS NTorq is also marketed as a performance scooter. This is a simple comparison of the two purely in terms of cost.

ScooterCost – Ex-showroom DelhiCost per km*
Ather 450X₹138,006₹0.18
TVS NTorq Race XP₹89,211₹2.02
* Assuming petrol cost to be ₹110/km and electricity cost/unit to be ₹5.

Difference in Cost / Savings

  • Vehicle cost difference: ₹48,785
  • Cost per km difference: ₹1.84
  • Distance that can be covered with the savings on NTorq: 26,519kms (48785 / 1.84).

So the Ather 450X’s savings on fuel only comes into effect after roughly 25,000kms. For someone who rides 20kms a day, that would be about 3.4 years. If you ride less than 10kms a day, the cost gap is closed in approximately 7 years or if you ride around 5000kms a year, then the gap is around 5 years.

The above comparison is without taking into account other costs on both scooters like maintenance on the NTorq or the subscription packages on the Ather. This also doesn’t compare on-road prices which can change the price gap between the two significantly depending on your city.

Other costs

Ather’s annual plans range from ₹1500/year to ₹3600/year. At least the basic plan is required for onboard navigation.

The NTorq’s includes 4 free services and is expected to cost around ₹500/service. The first 4 services are within the first year and the next 2 are in the second year.



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