Things OneDrive Can’t Do

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Here are a list of things you cannot do in OneDrive in spite of paying for it:

  1. In SharePoint / MS365 Business, OneDrive can’t hide the path of the shared file or folder 
  2. When sharing files, OneDrive Personal can’t block download for the shared files 
  3. When sharing files, OneDrive for Business can’t block download for all types of shared files; only for MS file-formats, PDFs and images 
  4. OneDrive can’t sync files fast enough to make a file available on mobile once it’s added to desktop. It takes a few minutes so user can’t quickly share files between desktop and mobile. 
  5. OneDrive doesn’t show ‘Shared by Me’ on the mobile app even though it shows files ‘Shared by Me’ on the web app 
  6. OneDrive for Business can’t backup screenshots. On MS365 Business ‘Save screenshots to OneDrive’ option is not available. 
  7. Sync files on Linux. There is no OneDrive client available for Linux. 
  8. On OneDrive for Business (MS365 Business), you can’t find the location of a OneNote file. OneDrive has shortcuts to the OneNote file, but there is no obvious place where the file itself can be accessed. OneNote files are always shown as 1KB shortcut-files in MS365 Business. 


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