Author: Veesar

  • How to create an Applications menu icon for AppImages in Ubuntu

    AppImages are like portable exes in Windows. They don’t need to be installed and can be run by just double-clicking. This is good because you don’t need to install anything, but sometimes it doesn’t create a “desktop” icon, so finding it from the menu can be difficult. You need to launch the application from the […]

  • Upgrade PHP7.2 to PHP7.4 on Ubuntu running NGINX

    Upgrading PHP versions isn’t exactly an upgrade in the sense that you will end up with both PHP versions installed. Installing PHP7.4 won’t remove 7.2, you will have both and then you can configure your server to use 7.4. First, you’ll need to install PHP7.4 and all the related packages that you used in 7.2. […]

  • The simplest way to block ads on Android

    Block ads system-wide on Android using RethinkDNS. An easy way to block ads throughout your Android device is by using a DNS resolver that supports blocklists. How it works: When you visit any website on your device a DNS resolver looks up the domain name and “converts” it into an IP address to find the […]

  • Proton Unlimited vs Google One

    Proton Mail has recently rebranded itself as Proton and now provides a suite of services (apps) instead of you having to subscribe to their mail and VPN services à la carte. While testing out their apps, this package reminded me of Google One and this post is a comparison of the two in terms of […]

  • How to set up ad-blocking on Android

    Set up system-wide ad-blocking on your Android device with Blokada. Firefox on Android supports some add-ons – one of them being the excellent uBlock Origin. uBlock Origin uses hosts lists to provide ad-blocking in Firefox. A hosts-list is essentially a large list of URLs that websites and apps connect to to serve ads or track […]

  • List of detective fiction authors from the early 1900s

    Popular mystery writers from the first half of the twentieth century. Anthony Berkeley Arthur Morrison Austin Freeman Cyril Hare Dorothy L Sayers E. C. Bentley Freeman Wills Crofts G. K. Chesterton John Rhode Michael Innes Ngaio Marsh Philip MacDonald

  • How cost-effective is the Ather 450X compared to the TVS NTorq

    The TVS NTorq and the Ather 450X (electric) are both marketed as a performance scooters. This is a simple comparison of the two in terms of cost-per-km.

  • Access your Android device over SSH with Termux

    Set up SSH access to your Android mobile device over LAN using Termux. Termux is an Android app that provides terminal emulation and access to Linux packages. With Termux you can install OpenSSH and set up an SSH server on Android. You can install Termux from F-Droid. After installing: Open the Termux app and update […]

  • Backup & Sync options for Google Drive Desktop explained

    Configure Google Drive Desktop to backup folders selectively or mirror your entire drive onto your computer. Google Drive for Desktop provides multiple options to sync/backup. The options can help you save space on your computer and backup your photos. Sync selected folders from your computer to Google Drive Open Preferences on Google Drive Desktop Go […]